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The Harmony House Program

Our expectations of you are based on three primary principles:
• stay clean and sober, ask for help. • actions--meetings, sponsor, home group. • self-monitoring--willingness to ask for help, obsessions, urges, triggers, personal issues. • personal progress--successes and things to improve, including actions and results. • participate in treatment services. • take medication as prescribed.
If you don’t commit and practice basic recovery actions, you will relapse. This is life and death.
• stay clean and sober, ask for help. • for Katie, Lisa and the manager--do what you are told. You are not in charge of 11 addicts. • for self--follow the rules, maintain personal cleanliness, keep room orderly and make bed daily. Don’t sleep your life away. Take personal pride in being at Harmony House. • for our family--have respect, get along, clean up after yourself, help out. Do not touch others things. Be a good roommate, considerate and supportive. • for the group--work as a team to keep the house a place of recovery, support, hope, safety and security. • for the house--treat the house as if it was your own, make it better, help with upkeep. Take pride in Harmony House. This is unique and amazing house if you want recovery.
Respect is about gaining back values, treating people right. Stop being the center of the world.
• stay clean and sober, ask for help • pay your rent—on time and in full. You can’t live anywhere for free. • support each other---through sickness (relapse) and in health. This is literally life and death. • work as a team--do things together, help other house members, especially the new ones. • chores—do thoroughly every day, keep the house nice for everyone, set an example. • follow Harmony House medication security rules and drug testing procedures.
No more conning, manipulating, stealing, lying, freeloading, laziness, indifference, disloyalty.

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  Family and friends

Family is an important part of your stay at Harmony House

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