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  We do not believe that relapse is a requirement, nor do we feel that relapse is a reason for punishment.  Each case of relapse is evaluated individually, with safety being the top priority. Serious issues considered at the time of a relapse...

        One day at a time

Easy Does It

  • Does the person need urgent medical or psychiatric care?

  • Is the person a threat to the safety of other house residents?

  • Did the person influence or attempt to influence another resident to use drugs or alcohol?

  • Is the person in possession of drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia?

  • Can we realistically help the person to re-establish abstinence from drugs and alcohol without more intensive help such as a detoxification, rehabilitation, or psychiatric program?

  • Is the person receptive to help?

  • What issues lead up to the use of drugs or alcohol?

  • How was the behavior of the person in the house prior to the relapse?

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We Believe The Steps Are Your Way Out

If it is determined that the individual is not a danger to self or others, and can benefit from a continued stay, it is in the best interest of all parties for the person to remain within the house, with additional structure or support.

However, in some cases, immediate dismissal or referral to another facility may be necessary. In addition, disruptive behavior or violence would be a cause for dismissal from the house.


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