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House Rules

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    1. Complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol is required. Periodic drug and alcohol testing will be done. All prescribed medicines you take must be reported in advance and taken as prescribed.

   2. No violence or threats of violence.

   3. No stealing. Respect the house and others property.

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    4. Rent must be paid every week or bi-weekly for the week coming when you get your paycheck. Rent should be paid to the house manager. Keep your money order ticket as your temporary receipt until rent receipts are issued.

   5. Each person is expected to complete their house chore daily and as needed.

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6. Each person is to attend a weekly house meeting every week as posted, unless excused in advance. House meetings focus on individual and collective successes for the week, house issues and chores.

 7. There is a 7-day travel blackout upon entrance. A new person must be accompanied by a senior house member or other approved person when leaving the premises, or otherwise have approved plans.

 8. Anyone new to the house is expected to get a sponsor within 14 days and attend a minimum of 5 AA or NA meetings per week. In addition, participation in professional treatment services is required as recommended. Anyone with more that 90 days in the house is expected to attend a minimum of 3 AA or NA meetings per week.

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    9. There is an 11 PM weekday (Sunday through Thursday) curfew and 1 AM weekend (Friday and Saturday) curfew for anyone with less than 90 days clean and sober or new to the house.

   10. Visitors may be entertained in the living room, dining room, kitchen and back yard only, from the hours of 11 AM to 11 PM. No visitors are permitted in the bedrooms without permission. No overnight guests are allowed.

    11. Smoking is not allowed in the house. Smoking is only allowed on the back patio. Cigarette butts are to be put in butt cans. There is a lounge area in the back yard. No hanging out in the front yard in allowed.

    12. Each person must clean up after himself. This is especially important in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Dishes must be put in the dishwasher right after use. Pots and pans should be hand washed. Food should be labeled with your name. Stealing of food will not be tolerated. Beds should be made every day. No TV between 9 AM and 3 PM. Everyone must be out of bed by 8:30 AM, Monday through Friday.

    13. We will not be responsible for items or mail left behind after a person leaves.

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    14. No sexual contact and no weapons are permitted on the premises.

   15. Rare overnight visits are permitted during the first 90 days, only with the approval of the house manager if the person is deemed stable and responsible. Overnight visits will be approved only if a person is current on their rent responsibilities.

   16. Any vehicles parked at the premises must be registered, insured and driven by licensed drivers. Vehicles must park in designated parking areas.

    17. All medications must be approved in advance. No sharing of medication is permitted.


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